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Either way, the accuracy on their readings is the same as mine, spot on. If you believe in the stars, I highly recommend this app! If you have uncertainty, on the basis of the stars knowing your feelings or encounters and are unsure of believing, I recommend this app! Know why or what is happening to you. Whether it be good, bad or just need some understanding, This is a true enlightenment for your psyche.

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Enjoy and let the stars help you balance your life with understanding. Highly recommend!!! I was hooked to the app and it had become part of my daily regimen to read it! Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing and simplistic it is. All in all, great app!!! I love this app and it has been pretty much spot on, eerily so at times My only gripe is that after adding friends and family, I noticed that much of the phrasing between charts is identical.

I DO love the categorized readings as well as the descriptive positional blurbs at the bottom of each reading.

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Also more in-depth interpersonal readings. It IS astrology though I understand that each and every chart is wholly subjective to each human person and experience. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iMessage.

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Description Co—Star is a hyper-personalized, social experience bringing astrology into the 21st century. Sep 26, Version 3. There is detailed information about each element of horoscope provided. Use the 9 house systems, over 40 aspects for horoscope calculation, tropical and sidereal sign and much more. Features Contains different views of horoscope: classical chart and synastry, planets view and plain text Provides detail information about each element of horoscope Uses 9 house systems and over 40 aspects for horoscope calculation Allows to view tropical and sidereal sign Compact, dock-based user interface Includes Swiss Ephemeris Astrolog Astrolog is a many featured and customizable astrology chart calculation program featuring many types of computation, display, graphics, comparison, and analysis.

Use the software to learn about Astrology and achieve your goals. The software provides you with accurate data for a broad range of astrological objects. West Meets East Western and Vedic astrology seem to be two different topics so most astrology programs focus and only support one of them.

Maitreya Astrology supports both. And in deed, both branches of astrology are essentially two different views of the same thing. Features The program supports many features of Vedic and western astrology: Many astrological objects Upagrahas, Kalavelas, Arabic points, Uranian planets, planetoids.

A lot of configuration options reflecting different schools and giving a chance for research Classic Dasas in text and graphical views tree and bar diagram Ashtakavarga, Shadbala, classic Yogas and their predictions from classic scriptures Solar annual chart, transits and progressions Various optical features like skins and highlight of aspects for charts and Sarvatobhadra Uranian astrology: sensitive points midpoints, reflection points, sums, differences and their events, annual predictions.

Partner charts, ephemeris, eclipses, Hora. Morinus Astrology Morinus Astrology is an easy to use astrology software. It uses the swiss ephemeris so it's very accurate BC - AD. The software calculates the position of planets and stars according to a given date and represents the astrological meaning of the constellation with the help of symbolic cards.

The software is also capable of displaying a traditional circular or square layout horoscope.

The software uses Symbolon cards to explain horoscopes. The Symbolon deck is a set of 78 images designed to help users remember forgotten aspects of themselves that are influencing their life from within. This application calculates the planet positions and make symbolon card tables according to the calculated constellation.

It can also draw the classical circular horoscope. The software will do a reading for you when you need advice. A reading displays a number of cards and then describes what these cards mean. You take the reading and apply the meanings of the cards to your situation.

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For Some Stock Traders, Fortunes Written In The Stars

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