Leo and leo friend compatibility

Leo and Leo Nature and Nuances:

They certainly exude the feel good factor, and enough warmth to power a town. So far, so good. We know this relationship is full of good things, but Leos are known for their over-sized egos and bossy natures. The answer is that this couple will simply have to learn to take turns on the royal throne. The key to keeping those massive egos under control is for the couple to learn who is best at what. Despite the good times and the obvious nature of Leo and Leo compatibility, of course there will be disagreements at times.

Leo and Leo fight like they do everything else — on an epic scale.

Being Leos, both partners are also rather arrogant and pretty selfish with it. Fortunately, their shared warmth and sincerity helps to see them through any problems this might cause. They both know what to expect, after all, since they regularly dish out the same treatment themselves. Despite the pomposity that comes with Leo love, compatibility will endure. The Sun radiates light and heat, and represents force and energy.

Leo and Leo Table of Contents

Leo are exceptionally good at taking charge, and could guide themselves and their friends and acquaintances to prosperity. However incessant desire for action and adventure could tire others who are with them, and their dominating attitude and consciousness of their own importance could be resented by others. Leo is a fire sign. Leo are far more interested in physical action than intellectual or sentimental considerations.

The partnership is always dynamic, and could produce spectacular results or disastrous failures. Win or lose, Leo do it in a grand way. And the friendship often keep shifting from one extreme to the other.


Leo Cancer Friendship Compatibility - 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Leo must try hard and bring some relaxation into their lives and their friendship. Leo is a fixed sign. There is always a contest for power between two Leo. However, their friendly nature and logical thinking help them settle the dispute without affecting their friendship. Either partner might give in, though occasionally and reluctantly.

The ferocious nature of the lions produces such explosive outbursts as to affect even people close to them. However, Leo forgive and forget grievances readily. One of these things is their contrasting qualities and characteristics. In a relationship, the Lion is the one who will come out as a leader, while the Crab will already be satisfied being a simple follower.

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This can result in Leo displaying too much power over the other, which is never good in any kind of relationship. While there are several contrasting qualities of a Leo and a Cancer, there are also a number of similar qualities that they share.

Leo Friendship And Social Behavior

A relationship between them can also prove to be tricky because of these similar characteristics. Both signs of the Zodiac are extremely susceptible to being hurt and do not take criticism well. Both Leo and Cancer also have the dire need for reassurance from the other, which is something that both may have a hard time giving.

Taurus and leo friendship

This is especially true for Leo signs in All of these qualities and characteristics will present themselves in a manner of challenges, which Leo and Cancer will have to face if they want to have a great relationship with one another. However, this does not necessarily mean that my answer to both the questions posted above is a no. The Lion and the Crab can make great partners, as long as they know how to work things out with help coming from both sides of the relationship.

Now that I have established the challenges that Leo and Cancer may or will have to face if they choose to have a relationship during this year of the snake, let me proceed to answering the first of the two questions posted previously. As I said, the first thing that you need to know about Leo Cancer compatibility this year is if they make good friends.